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We specialise in good quality British Commonwealth stamps, but can offer some foreign and thematics as well,

also some cigarette cards.

The items we have for sale can be viewed here.

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British Commonwealth  

G.B.   Europe & Colonies

Africa   Asia   Middle East


Please note that there is a 10% discount on all items purchased from the website,

but not on the items purchased from ebay.



All are items are listed in our Ebay shops - whitepeakplodder.

with a larger range of cheaper and thematic items available in Simon's ebay shop - northstaffsstamps



Contact Details Contact Me


Roger Edwards and Maureen Edwards would like to welcome you to this site. We hope there is something of interest on it to enhance your stamp collection.


Roger and Maureen Edwards
PO Box 2701
Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 9AL

Telephone +44 (0)1782 818560
e-mail nstaffsstamps @ yahoo.co.uk                                                     
VAT number GB 973 1174 17
General information General Information

All items are offered, subject unsold, on thirty days approval against payment with order. Immediate refund if not satisfied.

When ordering through this site a nominal postage fee is charged and the remainder of normal postage is paid by us. If ordering via the Ebay system, postage is extra as stated on each item.

Orders over 100 may be paid for by instalments. Ask for details if you wish to avail yourselves of this facility.

Payment by Visa/MasterCard is acceptable.  Because of excessive bank charges, orders from non-UK customers are only acceptable using Visa or MasterCard,  by sterling cheque or by Paypal. To avoid any possible fraud, we suggest you send your credit card details in 2 separate e-mails. Alternatively, we will put your stamps on one side for 14 days if you wish to send your card details by ordinary mail. Sorry but we can't accept Diners Club/American Express cards.

Payment can also be made through our Paypal account. The account name is:  nstaffsstamps@yahoo.co.uk

Items may be reserved by telephone. Payment should be made within 7 days of order.


Notes on Price List Notes on Price List
The following points apply unless otherwise stated :-

1. Unless otherwise stated, Commonwealth Catalogue numbers are SG Part 1 numbers where applicable. Post 1970 catalogue numbers are from either the latest sectional catalogue or 2015 SG Stamps of the World. 

2. A scanned picture of each item is available.  If you want a different one, please e-mail us and we will e-mail it back to you.



Membership Mailing List
We are members of the Philatelic Traders Society ( PTS )

The website is usually updated on a daily basis and new items are being uploaded all the time.


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